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My fish died after cleaning tank?

ive had fish for a while and some have died due to improper cleaning but only one stayed alive which was the smallest one and we got 4 more fish and have been cleaning the tank well and fish have been fine. we even moved houses and the fish didn't even care when we moved them but today we cleaned the tank and my mom told my dad to fill it back up and he added a bit of hot water, (fish are coolwater) so did the fish die because of the temperature change? only 4 died the small one survived again

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    It could be transfer shock, too much temperature change, or if your water is going through a soft water filter that can kill them, not putting the dechlor or drops in the new water can kill them, not cycling the tank properly and putting all new water in can cause shock and kill them, left over soap or any cleaner can kill them.  Not cleaning the filters properly can cause problems and they can die from that.

    Fish are relatively easy keepers, you can break down the whole tank as long as you keep about half the old water (unless it’s black and disgusting) even then you need to acclimate them to the new water.

    What you should do in the future when you clean the tank is keep the fish in an aerated bowl or large clean container with the old tank water.  clean tank and fill 3/4 full new treated water and 1/4 old water.  Let dyslexia for 2 hours.  During that time take a cup of new water. And add it to the fish in their holding area, take a sup of their water and add it back to the tank, do this about every 15 minutes (for 5 and 10 gallon tanks).  Assuming you saved at least a gallon old water plus what water they are swimming in.  The saved water should have been mixed with the new tank, then you work to get them used to the new water and the temperature should be even when you get done, always check with a thermometer don’t guess.  A five degree difference can make them sick, get within two degrees or less and then transfer your fish.  Use what’s left of the holding water if the tanks not full.

    I never had problems with this, not even setting up new tanks using old water from another tank.

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      thank you, i do usually take out about half the water and make sure there's no soap in the filter and do add drops but this time my dad cleaned it i guess he added too much hot water, the temperature was definitely warmer than usual 

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    No wonder! It was probably exhausted. Next time YOU clean the tank and let the fish be fish.

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    The temperature might have killed them or the chlorine might have killed them.

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    Sudden temperature changes can kill fish.

    Hot water services sometimes add things like copper to water and kill fish.

    Boiled water can be deoxygenated and kill fish.

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    They die in damned rivers because of the warming of the waters.

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    Just go someplace where there's a pond and look at the fish there. You're not qualified for much else.

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