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What's my real weight?

So two weeks ago on Sunday i weighed myself and i was 47.4kg, last Sunday i did it again and i was 47.7kg, but it seemed weird to me so last night i did it again to see if it was water weight and i weighed 47.2kg. This morning though, i weighed myself again just to verify and i was 47.5kg. what's my real weight? please help, i need it for medical purposes 

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    Around 47.5 kg.  Body weight fluctuates throughout the day, sometimes on the order of a kilogram or so.  Your weight is holding steady in the 47 kg range, so shoot for the middle at 47.5.  A difference of a few hundred grams one way or another is nothing.

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    Your weight is between 47.2 and 47.7 kg. It's no rocket science. Our weight fluctuates because of fluids and sometimes inflammation.

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