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Is there any other way to check a person's prostate besides the old digital (Finger up the wazoo)? ?

It seems that if doctors, (urologists, primary care, gastroenterologists, oncologists, proctologists, etc etc) find out that you have been treated for prostate cancer, they want you to bend over and submit. They also get about $100 per inch that they indulge up your posterior. Is there another way with dignity? Even more, l is it really necessary these days or is it just a quick two or three hundred bucks? Preservation of dignity.

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    9 months ago
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    in Asia none of the doctors do this wazoo

    thing up the @@s

    an ultrasound of the lower abdomen is

    done along with the blood PSA test

  • 7 months ago

    I guess the best answer is in many of those given here. I have had all the tests and understand each one. My cancer was treated with radiation. So if there is still part of it there or it is all burned out, they do the digital test to see if there is anything growing there that could be another problem. So far after about 10 years there hasn't been any high PSA readings or bumps or lumps from the digital (finger) tests. The PSA test is what caused all of the red flags to wave last time. Nothing was felt from the digital. I get a PSA blood test every 6 months and it seems to me that the finger up the as* doesn't need to be done accept if the score on the PSA test is high. If it needs to be done, then I guess it needs to be done. Obviously the PSA blood test isn't reliable enough to pinpoint the problem because you can ride a bicycle and your PSA score can test high. Or you can have sex and the score may read high. Also a urine infection. But the finger up the as* is just something that I would have thought would be replaced by now with something else a little more dignified. In other words, I can't help but have an attitude about this after 10 years of "Drop your shorts and bent over". Of coarse the doctors ask, "Do you think that I like doing this"? Then I tell them, "At least you get compensated for it. I don't even get a dinner out of it". It just puts me in a bad mood and I want another alternative to it. 

  • edward
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    9 months ago

    Free in Canada.

  • Bucky
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    9 months ago

    The PSA blood test is the other way.

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  • 9 months ago

    Yes, blood tests, ultrasound scans, biopsies. But, never, ever, get tests done unless you do have other symptoms. Doctors are mainly interested in your money. They will do all sorts of damaging things to you to get it.

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  • 9 months ago

    dr found a pea sized bump on mine with his hand, getting treatment now

  • 9 months ago

    There is a blood test available, but it isn't as accurate as the old "Finger up the wazoo".

    Have the blood test done, if it comes back positive... it would be in your best interest to have your wazoo fingered, just to be sure.

    You don't want to die a horrible death just to avoid a few seconds of discomfort... do you?

  • 9 months ago

    They could use some variation of a 'Cytoscope' which is a small tube with a camera and lights - but honestly, if you have been treated for prostate cancer before, what's a finger up your butt in comparison to getting a clean bill of health?

  • Tavy
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    9 months ago

    Our Doctors in the U.K. don't charge for  this examination, so it's nothing to do with money, it is safer than X-rays. My friend had the test and it turned out to be cancer.

  • Sally
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    9 months ago

    yes.  Doctors in Ghana take an X-ray.  It  costs 12 usd

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