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I am turning 28 what is the quickest I can retire?

I have 85k in my 401k and 30k in cash/ emergency funds. I am a mechanical engineer working in HAVC industry.  I can’t handle this **** much longer.  I am just going to start living in a van or tiny house no kids/relationships.  


I have been working for 4.5 years burned out. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Can you live off $30K until your 59 1/2?  Then on 3% of whatever your 85K grows to?  Your not going to get much from SS with only 4 years of work contributions.  Suck it up or change careers. 

  • Ian
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    2 weeks ago

    You should move to the UK, they get to work until 70 now; thanks to the conservatives!

  • Frank
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    3 weeks ago

    4 years and you are BURNED OUT?!?! A 28 year old...would need at LEAST a couple of MILLION to retire. If you get a TINY home/trailer and MAXIMIZE your savings and spend might be possible to "retire" with a minimal existence in 10 years. HVAC is something EVERY building needs...and it isn't that difficult to do...esp with the SOFTWARE available today. WTF is making you "burn out". See a SHRINK.

  • B
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    3 weeks ago

    start investigating a move to an area where the costs are lower than where you live now, and pocket the difference as savings. go to and put in a relatively small city (where you could still be employed) like Springfield, IL or Panama City, FL and check out living costs and compare to your own. that is the first way to save money is living expenses.

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  • Jenny
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    3 weeks ago

    Instead of retiring, why don't you change careers? My kid's oral surgeon was a former engineer who got burnt out and went to dental school. Start applying for other, less stressful jobs in a place you would like to live and then just leave. Since you are willing to downsize, have no kids/relationships and live frugally, you have a lot of options.

    Or you could start looking for a small camping trailer to live in while traveling the country and finding temp work where ever you are at at the time.

    You are too young to retire. Retirement is no fun when you don't have money to spend.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    If you have really low expectations, you can retire now.  not going to be fun living on the street, soup kitchens, etc.

  • Judy
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    3 weeks ago

    Won't be real soon, with only that much money. When you get to around 2 million saved,, you can start to think about it.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    SMH. Yes, live in a van.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Well, dont forget the tax on that 401k...

    How frugally can you actually live...what hobbies do you have?

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Your generation is going to need about 4-5 million to retire comfortably. 

    If you're invested wisely in the stock market, based on historical returns over the past 100 years, your 85k should double about every 8 years.

    2019  85k

    2027  170k

    2035  340k

    2043  680k

    2050  1.24mil

    2058  2.48 mil

    2066  4.96 mil

    So...the answer is in 2066 when you are 75 years old.   You can lower that age by continuing to add to your retirement investments every time you are paid.  Over time it will make a huge difference and shave quite a few years off your need to work. 

    • Casey Y
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      3 weeks agoReport

      To retire right now, I'd want around $2mil at least.  4-5 mil sounds right for millennials though.  

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