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Why is it considered bad if you have any friends?

I have no mates and quite happy. People tell me all the time I'm too antisocial lol or I'm a hermit who has no life. I find that I'm more creative and independent and know myself more when I'm in solitude. So why is it looked down upon to be a lone wolf?


If you don't have any friends i mean sorry

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  • I am the same way. I don't think its considered bad, but that's my opinion. Some people think having lots of friends means more fun. I find that I enjoy solitude more than having a lot of people to discuss things with. I am a very curious mind, so at times I like to get input from a source other than myself. So, I reach out here. I wouldn't call it socializing though.

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    They probably think you're gonna go on a mass shooting spree because the people who have done it in the past were "lone wolves."  Having no friends isn't a bad thing when people are being pansy idiots who make invalid associations and sweeping generalizations like that.  Otherwise, if they're fun to be around you're probably missing out.  Lol.

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    3 weeks ago

    A couple select friends, I would rather have, then a pile of friends you might have to keep an eye on because not everyone can be trusted...  factamundo…   Friends check on each other every once in awhile when you don't hear from them... and friends will tex you back even if they are in a bad mood...  

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    Group think, can't handle uniqueness. 

    You're doing what's right...for you. 

    They put their views on you.

    I don't allow. 

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    You may have associates, or people whom you might speak with concerning your job, or other issues, but you don't have a crowd or group of people you hang around with.  Well, I'm not sure, but neither did Albert Einstein!  You could schedule one lunch with one person or two or three people, once a week, and that way you would not be looked upon as "strange."  You would learn about what is going on, outside your little world.  Your mind is focused in on science or on other good subjects.  Lots of smart people are like you.  I doubt if Michelangelo went to lunch everyday with other people, etc.  You have to look at the larger picture, and gain strength by doing that.  I would go out with F R  I E N D S weekly, so you won't be left out of society in general.  Your statement is really relevant as you mention your are more creative when you live in solitude.  I bet you are one of those right brained creative people, and I would suggest that you go ahead and live your Life your own way! 

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    They don't realize that you're a serious student. They aren't like you. They are more superficial and don't require quiet to concentrate deeply.

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    for a start you are NOT a wolf, i hate that term, you are a human being. secondly, who cares what people think, if you are happy feeling secluded and remote from others then be happy with that.

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    There is nothing wrong with it. I think that we live in a culture where people are seen as more desirable if they have friends, and you're weirdo if you are a loner. Its basically labels of good and bad which stick. Good and bad don't exist in reality. It is just society's standards that are favoured or not so favoured. It does not mean anything. Loneliness isn't caused by being alone. If that was the case then everyone who's alone would be lonely. Its all based on the mindset.

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    What's wrong with having friends

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