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Existential crisis, the meaning of life. Please assess reasoning in attached text and tell me the extent to which you agree/disagree. ?

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    I think Friedrich Nietzsche was in an existential crisis when he wrote most of his stuff. He was overcritical of religion and the belief in God and struggled with the meaning of life. He had a mental breakdown before his death. He commanded the German emperor to go to Rome to be shot and summoned the European powers to take military action against Germany, that the pope should be put in jail and that he, Nietzsche, created the world and was in the process of having all anti-Semites shot dead.

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    You are referring to your conditioning. You ARE  your conditioning. Awareness of your actions, thoughts and speech is a start to not automatically respond to life through your conditioning. It all stems from your mind. That is where it all starts. Check out Buddhism. Buddha was all about the mind. He was the greatest psychologist. Ignore any beliefs systems attached to Buddhism. They were added for the masses who need something to believe. Buddha himself said do not believe what he says. He encourages you to test his teaching. If they work for you then continue to apply them if they bring peace to you. If not then check out something else. No problem. Truths are not personal. What do you think truth is? Some Buddhist truths are: Everything is impermanent, do not have attachment or aversion (attachment/aversion happens when you don’t accept impermanence), there is only cause and effect or dependent origination (belief systems like Christianity are all superstition), everything is empty which means nothing is inherently independent. We are also empty. We are an ongoing process, physically and mentally. It’s deep but I encourage you to check it out. I’ve found western thought to be very superficial compared to what Buddha figured out through only meditation. 

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    So you had me at the beginning—but I tuned out or lost understanding in the end.  Im not sure you are saying anything I don’t know.  We learn tacitly, create this vision or goal— an expectation, and we get disappointed because what we think it should be it’s not.  We question life’s meaning—crisis existentially.  So then what—be more objective and get over it?  

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    take the red pill and find out

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