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Why does my mom keep winning on video poker and I keep losing?

She won $500 I've won nothing. I also play slots.

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    It is probably simply a matter a luck.

    It is also possible your mom plays different machines with different payouts, that she makes better choices about which cards to discard, or that she tells you about the times she wins but not about the times she loses.

    The only certain thing is that any gambler will lose more than he/she wins at video poker if enough time is spent playing.

  • 9 months ago

    She has gotten lucky, simple.

  • 9 months ago

    It is simple! Poker is not your forte.

  • VAA
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    9 months ago

    Are you maxing out when you play? ie. not playing one or two credits but betting max coin?  Stay away from nickel and dime video poker and only play 25 Cent, 50 Cent or 1.00 video poker with a 8/5 or higher payout (8 full house/5 flush, higher like 9/6 is better but hard to find now) If you play a few hands and lose, move to another machine and try it, don't sit and dump all your cash in a bad machine. Good luck.

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