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Do transwomen retain their male privilege, and are they just sexist men who think they make better women than real women?

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    If they didn't retain their male privileged they wouldn't have taken over all human and women's rights organizations in 5 years in the entire Anglo world. That's never happened to any activist group in history. It's NOT just because they're men, it's because they're rich powerful Cluster B personality disorders. Several of them are billionaires and millionaires (Pritzker, Rothblatt, the Wachowskis). The rich ones bribe everyone, meanwhile the Cluster Bs go psycho and stalk, harass, threaten/fire/doxx/destroy everyone who doesn't obey. Look up Andrea James and Deirdre McCloskey re: Michael Bailey. Hell, read these:

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    Not only am I gonna start ignoring you anonymous cowards, I'm gonna start reporting you! Go away, loser!

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    2 weeks ago

    There is no male privilege for them to retain.  

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    Maybe about the privilege, I don't know.  But no about the sexist reasons.  They have a brain defect or other mental disease.

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    Well, you can thank all of the "Leftist women" for legitimizing this "gender identity b.s."  Women on the Left wanted to make the world "so accommodating" to male-to-female transgender people, that now "XX-chromosome women" have to tolerate men being in traditionally female spaces.  You've got men competing in women's sports and using ladies rooms.  This is what the radical Left wanted.

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    We are women who retain male privilege to some degree.

    Trans women are women because one is one's brain, we have female brains structurally and we call an adult with a structurally female brain a woman. We do retain privilege because we have been perceived as male and we have reached social positions which we never would have done otherwise. As far as thinking I'm a better woman than "real" women, if by that you mean a person with XX karyotype without an SRY gene expressed and ovaries, womb(s) and cervices/a cervix, then no, and entertaining that definition for a second the same would apply to someone with CAIS, Turner syndrome or various unusual reproductive system steroid hormone synthesis pathways, and in particular the fact that I don't visibly menstruate and can't get pregnant makes me feel deeply inferior. But by that token cis men are also inferior.

    • And responsible for why men and women (no need for the prefix) feel like they have to be so ******* segregated with or without you present and why most people are afraid of being more gender neutral, unisex, or evolving to be more like a hermaphrodite.

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    Jesus h Christ! You are hateful creatures.

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    Nope, and nope.

    I tend to avoid the word "privilege", because people... attach a lot of meaning to it that isn't quite the intended meaning, I think.  The word "advantage" is more... neutral.

    Trans women have *some* of the advantages of having grown up physically male (eg as children, they probably didn't have parents trying to push them into being passive and helpless), but I think overall the *disadvantages* of being trans (especially in a society that tends to view trans women as "traps" trying to trick straight men into homosexuality) far outweigh those few advantages.

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    3 weeks ago

    no, but you have outed yourself as a faux "feminist" terf moron, thank you. 

    • nineteenthly
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      I don't think this is what the OP did.  There's no problem with using the term "gender-critical" unless you despair of building bridges and reaching an understanding.  TERF is not a helpful term.

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