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What Mental Disorder is this?

Voice and animations in head talking to me with its own character. It's not another part of me like disassociation but that it claims to be its own entity. It judges me severely and critically, and it is decietful and claims that it is Satan sent from God lol... Anyways I have demonic nightmares and it (taunts and mocks) me every single second of the day.... I don't black out or anything like disassociation... It's like an evil assistant in my life. Other than that my life is completely normal, I don't talk out loud but it does try to control what comes out of my mouth if I don't try hard to remember what I'm trying to say... 🤦🏾‍♀️ It is talking to me in my head and I respond to it, it replies etc... Everyone tells me see a doctor but I think it's a demon. It's a mystery 🤔... If I don't do what it says my forehead gets hard as if I'm being hardheaded... (Physical symptoms) which makes be to believe it is a wicked spirit... It makes me orgasm to nightmares.. 

I'm not afraid or anything, but yeah, I'd rather just die... Any help?


PS. It does know alot About my life, I want to say it practically knows my memories and background 😞 anyways I don't need a suicide prevention but I want to die..

2 Answers

  • Please talk to a psychologist about these oddities.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Research just published suggests that schizophrenics are ... as voices arguing with one another and talking to the patient in the third ... Lest anyone suspect me of being unfairly prejudiced against the possibility of demons, let me ... way to go before those with serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia are ...

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