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What psychological coping mechanisms exist to help someone be at peace with being a failure ?

I had goals that were simply a bit too high for an average person like me and I have yet to let it go and stop thinking about them. How can I bring myself to accept it and stop caring and just move on already.

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  • Persistence.

    Even if you fail finally, completely, at least you have tried to tun your car, hone your skills, and improve yourself.

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    You failed to attain unrealistic goals. You yourself are not a failure. Many people promote the idea that you can be whatever you want to be. It's just not realistic. It's better to work toward what you can achieve, with your particular resources, ability, and opportunities. My personal belief is that I look forward to the time when life will be fully rewarding, when God brings about the conditions on this Earth that He originally intended. He wants us to have a home with peace and security, that no one will take away from us. Plenty to eat. Perfect health. Mankind can't bring it about, but God can and will ( Isaiah 65:21-23, and 33:24, and Psalm 72:16). To learn more see

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    It may not be all or nothing. Some goals may elude us now, but you can build up to them. Might take a year or two. Otherwise, we may have to just set more modest goals. But usually there's no need to abandon our goal completely.

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    Realise that not succeeding at a task, though

    Disappointing and the fact you can succeed

    Ruins any counter argument that your a failure 

    Just keep plugging away and you will

    Succeed, by the laws of averages you will

    Succeed sooner or later thanks.


    Very Best Wishes 


    Source :) Study 

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