Sharon asked in Social SciencePsychology · 3 weeks ago

How do you overcome anxiety/triggers towards the opposite gender? Especially when it is not constant?

I identify myself as a heterosexual female however, I have some anxiety towards men. I have had some bad experiences with guys that led to my anxiety. However, I thought my anxiety was getting better as I started hanging out with guys in my friend group (still would never go out one on one with a guy). Then recently, I started getting triggered again and I stopped hanging out with all the guys I hung out with or even making eye contact. So now some of them think I just don't like them anymore. I want to fix this because I am sick of these triggers, but I don't know how to. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Are you seeing a therapist? This sounds like PTSD. Dialectical behavior therapy is supposed to be good for that.

  • Every chance you get to socialize with people will assist in the building or lowering of your confidence, dependent on the situations and your feelings that follow.

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