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How much is it for labor to install a new engine for a motorcycle? have a 1995 Honda nighthawk 750. I already have the replacement engine.?

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    You can do it yourself, it's not rocket science. All you need is a trolly jack and a piece of wood to support the engine and then disconnect the battery, wiring loom, drive chain and then use the appropriate spanners and sockets to undo the engine mounts and lower the engine with the jack.

    Replace in reverse order. 

    You will need to remove the rear wheel to detach the chain before you start. 

    If a garage does the work, I'd guess it would take four hours so in Britain that would be 50×4=£200 but I'd recommend new oil and spark plugs while the engine is out. Work that one our in dollars if you're American! 

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    10 months ago

    my shop? 250 motor out and 250 motor in. 500 dollars. plus any parts in other words fluids.

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    Sounds like you're wedded to this 750??  But I'll bet you probably could have went out & bought yourself a used 750 with a good engine for less time & trouble than rebuilding your old one.  

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    I have an '83 NH w/shaft drive;  just removed/replaced motor  on a shaft drive Vstar.

    It's a bit  easier in your case, as I think a '95 has a chain. Still, move about a centimeter at a time, left, right,  left. More troublesome than "hard". You have rubber motor mounts that can simply be removed, too, not solids like the VStar. So, more latitude there, too.

    Do it your self. Just need a hydraulic car lift  jack, some pieces  of wood to slide  old motor onto/new one over on.  Replace plugs, oil, filter, as Di says. Easier  than removing tank later and having to do plugs allover, again. My Night Hawk has that rotten oil cooler that often slips  its O ring and leaks all Over. Replace Both its O ring and oil filter's  at same time, while you have motor Out and can do proper job.  Get Haynes book, too. Thin Philips  screwdrivers can align motor mounts  so you can easily  get t the screws back in

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    $2500, get a Harley

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