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What to do?

My parents have booked flights for a family reunion during my first week of my senior grade right and my question is should I go or is the first week of school more important?

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    when i was 11, many years ago my parents decided to keep me home from school on the first day of my senior school as they had not got round to buying my uniform, when i went the second day everyone knew everyone else in the classroom except me, they knew all the classes and rooms and teachers, where to go , what to do from my previous school had joined this class so i felt quite lonely that first day but after a couple of days everything was good, i'd made friends and didnt feel that day i'd had off had made any difference, but, a week is a fair amount of time, but some of them will envy you for not having been there and been on this fantastic holiday instead, if you go then make it the best week ever, have lots of things to talk about and dont sit around moping, make the most of every day, family is important, one day they are there and the next , gone, its a hard choice that only you can decide about the importance..x

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    I'm pretty sure your parents considered that before booking the flights.  

    A week of school, especially the first week isn't going to hurt your school year.  However, you will need to let your school know prior since it is the first week.  

    It's not uncommon for a family to have a vacation during the school year outside of normal breaks, schools are used to this.

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