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I’m 5,8 is a 14.3hands horse good for my height? ?

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    As a farrier I run into this question quite often. 

    When considering the safety of the horse, the general accepted rule of thumb by veterinarians is that a rider should weigh no more than 10% of the horse’s bodyweight. However, this number is under consideration. Some argue that up to 20% of the horses bodyweight is acceptable. 

    In some situations, I tend to agree with the 15-20% evaluation. Larger horses with good confirmation (including the quality of the feet) can typically handle heavier workloads with no negative consequences. This can include some "old" foundation Quarter Horse and Morgan bloodlines. However, we must also consider the discipline these horses are enduring. A horse of any caliber that is subjected to high-impact maneuvers, such as jumping, is going to be more at risk for injury than a horse that is being used for low-impact maneuvers, such as packing / trail riding.

    Speaking particularly towards foot health, undue forces acting from the bony column onto the anatomy of the hoof below can cause notable trauma- ESPECIALLY if the horse has poor confirmation. For example: if the horse already has shallow, flat, and wide feet (often seen in drafts and thoroughbreds) they are more susceptible in developing sinker. A horse with a steep and upright Hoof Pastern Axis (often seen in aqha halter and reining horses) is more prone to developing concussion-related navicular. 

    If you are within acceptable weight limitations then I would personally consider the rider of any height to be "acceptable" for a healthy horse conditioned for their intended use. I myself am 5'6 and prefer a horse around 14.2-14.3hh, considering their career as working ranch horses, where I am constantly mounting / dismounting throughout the day. That said, my husband is perfectly fine with and prefers his 16hh horse when we're working on the farm. 

    All the best.

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    Too short. I am 5'9 and my heels would be hanging by that horses elbows.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    That's a pretty small horse for your height, but if your weight is appropriate for the horse and you're both comfortable, it is what it is.

    What is your weight and what is the horse's weight?   

    Do you want other people to be able to ride your horse?   Spouse?  Friends?  Family?   You may wish to consider their weight/height too.

    I'm 5'5" and my horse is 15 hands and 1100 pounds.   She's a muscular mare and can handle up to a 200lb balanced rider but isn't so tall that she scares the crap out of beginners or can't fit in the trailer. 

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