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Changing the amount of usable RAM.?

I have 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS and I have 4GB of Installed RAM but only 2.33 GB of them are Usable. Ive tried many times going to msconfig -> boot and making it to 4096mb but after restarting it, it resets itself everytime. I also opened BIOS trying to find Chipset and Enabling the Memory remap feature but i have no Chipset option in the Advanced menu of BIOS and on any other menu either. I tried looking in YT for solution but it was all of the same msconfig type-of-solution. Thanks in Advanced!

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    Since you are using a 32 bit version of Windows, it will never be able to over 3.2 GB of RAM, no matter how much you have in the computer.  That is a limit in the 32 bit version of the program.  

    Of that 3.2 that Windows can see, some of it is reserved for the operating system to run in.  The memory is there and Windows knows about it.  It is just not "usable" for you because Windows has to have it to run.

    Finally, it sound like your video card does not have dedicated memory.  Most 32 bit cards do not.  So it has to reserve some of the RAM for the video card.

    All the memory is there.  But only 2.33 of it is "usable" by you.  The rest is being used by Windows, the video card, etc.

    There is nothing you can do to fix that.  You need to go to a 64 version of Windows to have the rest of the memory usable to you.

    (25+ years in IT support.  Do this for a living)

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    Usable RAM is what is left after the OS takes a chunk and sometimes the on board video takes a chunk. Also 32 bit Windows cannot see the full 4GB to begin with.

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    It is your 32 bit OS that is the problem.  Switch to the 64 bit version and all your ram can be accessed. 

    You can do all you want with that other stuff but Win 7 32 bit cannot address any more ram. 

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    What is the make and exact, complete model data of the computer and video card (if installed)?

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    the rest is being used by your disk cache. you need to physically add more ram if you want more. 6 or 8 gb would be good. 

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