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Which title means more to The Miz? The WWE or Intercontinental Title?

Miz won the WWE title once, held it for 6 months but was pretty much an afterthought behind The Rock and Cena feud.

It was his sole world title win and the apex of his career.

But he wasn't very well respected and his run came with alot of criticism that he wasn't ready etc.

Then go onto the IC title. 

8 time champ. 

The first couple of reigns were mediocre, but it got to a point where he was putting on the best matches of the night, he made the title feel like a world title when the Universal title wasn't even around and gained the respect off everyone by the end of his reigns he was getting cheered despite being a heel.

He was a forgettable WWE champ but probably the greatest IC champ of the modern era.

But the WWE title is the WWE title, so what do you think means more to him personally?

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    It's hard to believe that it's been more than 9 Years since The Miz was The WWE Champion, but it's true, it's damn true. Miz has learned a lot since that time and you're leaving out all The Tag Team Championships he's had along the way. He is a more complete Professional Wrestler as a Character, his Interviews, his Promos and his Matches. I would say he is more proud of his reigns as Intercontinental Champion than he is of his reign as WWE Champion.

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    I’m not The Miz but I know he wanted to actually do something with that title. I associate him with the IC title than the WWE title. But like I said, I don’t know him. 

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    I'd wager to him that the WWE title meant more, because despite his reception and the time of his reign, he could always say that WWE had faith in him to put their highest honor around his waist.  More to the point, I'm sure he wants it again and would rather have another WWE title run than another IC title run.

    I do believe the IC title reigns he had will be his career legacy.  Fans will look back fondly at his times with the belt and think of him as a champion who made his title worth putting spotlight on.  The odd question is what matches will people remember of his IC title runs, if any at all? He had some classics with Dolph, but like most things Dolph they went on to ad nauseum and quit being special.  It'll probably be more of his mic work that's remembered than anything while holding the belt.

    So yeah, Miz would probably say holding the WWE title meant the world to him, but fans will definitely remember him as a visible and active IC champion.

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