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Getting a new bunny need advice! ?

So I’m getting a new bunny I’m not sure if it’s a male or a female but I am sure that the bunny is going to be around 8 weeks old. I really need to know what closet would be better for him/her I have two closets in which I could put the bunny in either 

1.) L- 89 in W- 21 in H- 62 in (In my room) 

2.) L- 53 in W- 25 in H- 62 in (Hallway) 

Also I work 8-9 hrs 5–6 days a week sometimes 10-12 hrs I already have people who can go visit my bunny when I am not home so he/she won’t feel alone. Should I get another bunny or will the bunny be fine like that?? Any advice that I could get would be great I’m a newbie at this so yeah (and yes I have made my research) 

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    Keep in mind that it can only be in a closet if the doors stay open and the closet gets light. 

    Either closet will work but the rabbit will need floor time for several hours a day. Either rabbit proof your bedroom and let the rabbit run around during the day or if you cant rabbit proof a bedroom maybe you can rabbit proof the hallway? If the hallway is empty then it should be easy. Throw up some baby gates to keep the rabbit in. Add some toys. That's it. 

    Rabbits don't really mind if their person isn't around much. They are not the most social with people. There are exceptions obviously but in general most rabbits would be fine if you left them alone while you worked. But, if you want a pair, can afford it etc then go for it. I would recommend you adopt an already bonded pair so you don't have to worry about introductions and getting them to get along. 

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    If you want two, consider Nameless' advice of getting an already bonded pair. An already bonded pair will be older and both rabbits will be fixed. Babies are never "bonded" -- not for real.  Babies get along with other rabbits, but only until their hormones kick in. So it would be a mistake to buy two babies (8 weeks of age). If you do, they'll be adorable for a month (give or take) and then they may begin fighting. That's what hormones can do. Then you'd have to keep them separate for weeks until you can have them fixed (very expensive). Then they'd have to be kept separate while they heal. Then you could try to bond them, but they may or may not bond -- it would be anyone's guess. If they don't bond, then you'd have to keep them separate. :(

    So either go with a single rabbit to start or go to a rabbit rescue and you can get either a single rabbit or an already bonded pair. 

    Getting an already fixed rabbit is highly recommended -- especially for a new bunny owner. Check out the reasons why a baby is not recommended (I realize they are cute, but best to know what you're getting yourself into). 

    Here's a link for how to choose a bunny:

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    Take good care of her. Feed her a lot, and make sure she is happy

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