Sea Levels around the world?

Is Sea Level the same all around the world for all connected bodies of ocean water in the following specific manner?

Sea Level for the purpose of this question is, the distance of the surface of calm ocean water from the center of the Earth as such point can be best defined.

(This question takes no interest in variables such as the passing effect of the moon, hurricanes, etc.)

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    Think about it.  There are locks in the Panama canal - what are locks for?

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    • Fried Kitten
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      The question that arises is if the Panama Canal had no locks would the 'run-off' be devastating or would the Atlantic and Pacific retain their levels undisturbed due to their overwhelming gravitations and masses? (I'm not really expecting an answer; just thought of it.)

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    Gravity rules.

    Centripetal force results in a oblate (flattened spherical)

    g-field with slightly lower levels at the Equator and other

    anomalies due to ocean depth and crustal density.

    Time averaged sea level readings made by satellite 

    show something close to a perfect sphere at sea.

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