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Has anyone had a puppy survive from Parvo? ?

I’m looking to speak to fellow pet owners who’ve experienced a puppy with Parvo and survived? And what steps did you take to help them fully recover? My puppy is currently battling this horrible virus and I’m looking for some insight and positive hope. 

Thank you in advance 


My puppy is 4 months old. How old was yours? 

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    I did, when I was a kid. We made really watery oatmeal and would put a bite in his mouth and then rub his throat until he swallowed. Same thing with water. Do you have antibiotics because if you don't, you can get some at any feed store for $10. 

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    Hopefully your vet is doing aggressive treatment and I sincerely hope she's getting better every day.  I see from other comments that your vet is intending to send her home while she's still not eating.  I'm completely unsure why they would decide to do that, but hopefully they will give you an appetite stimulant such as mirtazapine along with a prescription diet such as Hills i/d.  This is not medical advise - follow your vets medical advise.  

    She will absolutely need a bland and gentle diet when coming home.  i/d is the best thing she can have (it's just chicken and rice, no fat, just bland and gentle on her very sore and upset tummy).  Anything else is going to be far too upsetting on her stomach. 

    I've worked with parvo puppies for over 21 years now and it's a rough and dangerous disease.  

    I wish you and your puppy the best of luck and let the vets keep her for as long as they think is necessary.  Don't try to take her home too soon.  That's my best advise.  Let her stay on fluids and being treated with pain meds and appetite stimulants for as long as they think necessary.

    Best wishes to both of you.

    Source(s): vet 21 years, behavioural specialist
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    3 weeks ago

    My puppy was about 8 weeks. Someone who had one of her litter mates called me, and I took her to the Vet immediately, before she showed any real signs.  She lived, was weak and had a compromised immune system for quite a while.  Her sibling did not survive.  It took a lot of patience and faith on my part.  It took a lot of fortitude on her part.  She was/is a survivor!

    I remember sitting literally for hours trying to get "mushy food" and liquids into her when she came off the IV.  It was a costly procedure, but I had pet health insurance the very day I got her, and it paid 80% of the bills without question.

    My Veterinarian is also a kind and caring man, and he never gave up hope which meant a lot to me.

    Fingers crossed that your puppy survives and thrives.  My dog is now 6, healthy, active.

    • abigail3 weeks agoReport

      Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve has my puppy hospitalized since Tuesday night and she comes home tomorrow. Vet says she’s doing better but still won’t eat on her own... I’m praying I can help her at home to full recovery. 

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    IF the symptoms were caught EARLY and IF you are indeed willing to pay for the most aggressive  in-house treatment (including IV fluids) yes, your puppy probably will survive.

    However, it may or MAY NOT have long term damage to the heart.I'd like to give you a website on home treatment - but more so, for the best DIET (IMO) to use when reintroducing food to your puppy's torn up, intestinal tract.  NO, puppy kibble will not be the best course.  Yes, the vet and & may advise you on how to re-introduce food, but this advice may be just as good, or better.  These folks have treated a lot of NOTHING BUT Parvo-affected puppies/dogs.

    You may wish to read over all their advice & info starting here:


    But the dietary part is on page 3 as a click-on TAB.


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      once we noticed the symptoms on Tuesday night, took her immediately to the vet and started aggressive treatment and hospitalization. She’s been in there since and my little pup is in there fighting. Thank you so much for the websites!!!! I need all the advice possible!! 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    She was 8 months old; she was a GSD mix; she survived; she lived to be 12.

    My dog spent a considerable amount of time at the Veterinarians, she received IV fluids. I did anything and everything that the Vet prescribed.

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    They do NOT survive end of story

  • Casey
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    3 weeks ago

    The only way your pup will survive is if to take it to the VET and have it hospitalized. A dog with parvo needs intensive and immediate care. As far as steps go, the only step YOU need to take is taking the dog to the vet. They will provide it will all the medical care it needs to recover.  With medical care, the survival rate is 60-90 percent. if they survive the first few days their odds are pretty good. However, if you do not take the dog to the vet his odds of survival are basically 0. There is NOTHING you can do by yourself to cure your pup.  Your dog needs fluids, medications, blood work to asses sevarity and constant monitoring

    Source(s): vet tech at a large animal hospital. see it every day.
    • abigail3 weeks agoReport

      Thank you. 
      My puppy has been hospitalized since Tuesday night.
       But I’m still very worried. She is getting IV fluids, vitamins, antibiotics etc..still won’t eat but is being force fed, no more vomit but still has some bloody diarrhea. Tomorrow will be day 3. she does stand on her own now! 

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