What's the difference between black people today and those of 60 years ago? ?

I'm curious because I have come across several comments on YT about the older generation basically being better. 

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I meant as far as behavior and culture smh

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  • 2 weeks ago
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    the blacks of 60 years ago where economically and MENTALLY free compared to the whiny self victimized blacks of today. the blacks of 60 years ago own homes, were God fearing and were apart of well established families. verses the racist blacks of today who have no morals, come from and procreate broken families and live off of welfare. the old generation was better by leaps and bounds. thats the difference.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Black back then actually worked and had fathers in the home. Blacks now are always playing victim to every little thing. If you disagree with them you're a racist

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    No difference  it is the nature of the beast  each race  has cultures and behaviours  which  are inherited from their ancestors 

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Black folk were not into rap & / or any

    hip-hop then + something happened to 

    them during the mid-70's that changed 

    them :(

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  • 2 weeks ago

    They were more controlled.

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    i think theyre all nice no matter when they were born

  • 2 weeks ago

    Black people rarely came from broken families in the past. Now it's the norm.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Most of the ones 60 years ago have died off. Current ones are still alive.

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