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Please help with this one geometry question?

I can't figure out this problem, please help me. 

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  • ted s
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    9 months ago

    redo so that the entire 'picture ' is given with the proper dimensions

  • 9 months ago

    What's the area of a rectangle?

    If you cut out another rectangle of smaller area what's the area now?Do you need someone to do this for you or you can handle it???When subtracting areas, they all need to be expressed using the same units. Obviously first we need to convert the areas of windows into square feet.45 in by 64 in = 45 * 64 in^2= 2880 in^2Now to sq feet... divide with 144= 20 ft^2Because 1 ft^2 = 144 in^2, because 12*12 = 144.The final answer depends on whether stucco is applied just to the outside, or to the inside as well. Since I doubt your math textbook covers the techniques of construction, and where to apply stucco isn't exactly common knowledge for 4th graders, I think this problem is lacking some crucial info.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Idk ok sorry old skdidjdjdj

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