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Will the 'gap' of missing questions be restored here?

If you scroll through questions here beyond '3 hours ago', you'll find a gap of 3+ days of missing questions!

What's that about?


Note: sometimes it gives you '4-5 hours ago' of questions before skipping 3-4 DAYS.

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    8 months ago

    Probably. It's a chronic bug in the system that happens fairly frequently (and has for years). You can scroll down to a certain point in the question feed, and there appears to be a gap of days or weeks where there are no questions. Eventually, it always clears up (we don't know if it corrects itself or if action has to be taken behind the scenes to fix it).

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  • Daniel
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    8 months ago

    Maybe Maybe Not you can never Tell whats going on with the Site these Days the amount of Bugs are Growing by the Day and a lot of them are making very Little if any at all Progress of being Fixed

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  • The answer to this has nothing to do with Discover or Answers.  Like I mention to you in your last post it has to do with questions be Ghosted, Reported and removed, deleted by the user, or just no one asked a question.

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  • 8 months ago

    Are you in "Discover" or the "Answers" questions? The "Discover" questions are often days to weeks to months or even years old. Some times there are gaps of hours or even several days in the "Answers", the recent questions. The server computers update for the next day and the next week at a different time than the end and begins bing of the Yahoo  "day." I get tired of looking at the same "Answers" in some categories until they up date for the next day,  usually between 5 and 7  am in my time zone in the USA. I am 6 hours behind the UK. 

    Yahoo and Noe Verizon putting you into the Discover questions which are hours old NY default is something almost everyone finds annoying. It's been suggested many times that Yahoo or now Verizon should change this, but that probably would mean coding a other bunch of computer programs. Those programmers expect to be paid livable wages o salaries, no matter which business name is on the paycheck. Coding computer programs and editing out the glitches takes TIME. 

    Hurry up and wait. Those gaps may or may not disappear. 

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