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What do you think of monolids?

i have major self esteem issues because of my eyes. I’m 17 and was going to go get double eyelid surgery when i was in korea last summer but i chickened out because i was scared and not getting the procedure last year has been one of my biggest regrets for a year. I havent been able to sleep properly

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  • Laura
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    3 weeks ago

    I think they are neat.  There are lots of fun edgy eye makeup looks you can do that look so much better on monolid eyes. 

    Its great that you didn't get the surgery done last summer because your face is still growing.  They might look great then but because you are still growing it might not have stayed that way.  If you want to get it done, get it in a few years when your face is done growing and you know that the results won't change. 

    While you wait, you can really think about if this is something you really want to get.  I also recommend talking with a therapist about this.  It can be very easy to get too much plastic surgery when you don't feel confident with how you look. 

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