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John whose factory is in Stewart Manor agrees to sell a stamping machine to Jennifer in Ketchum for $22,000 Free On-Board Stewart Manor. Jennifer explains to John that she requires a stamping machine that can stamp ten thousand packages in an eight-hour period, and she is relying on John’s expertise in selecting the appropriate stamping machine for the task at hand. Jennifer selects the machine suggested by John. John fails to deliver the recommended machine and Jennifer has to purchase a substitute stamping machine from Hannah in Ketchum for $25,000 incurring sales commissions of $700. Shipping costs from Stewart Manor to Ketchum are $1,300. 

Based on the above facts:

1. Define what remedies that Jennifer as a Buyer has against John as a Seller and include whether or not there is any warranty issue involved and if so, what warranty was breached.

2. Define what remedies, if any, that John as a Seller would have against Jennifer had Jennifer the buyer breached her contractual obligations.

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