how are men systematically disadvantaged...?

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    10 months ago

    John 3:18 ¶ Those who believe in him are not condemned; but those who do not believe are CONDEMNED ALREADY, because they have not believed in the name of the only Son of God.

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    10 months ago

    It’s because of the damm feminists 

  • 10 months ago

    Well, for starters

    1) Men were the ones drafted to war.

    2) Men have harsher punishments for the same crime as women.

    3) Men tend to be pulled over more.

    4) Men tend to be wrongfully convicted more.

    5) Men are generally accused more.

    6) In rape cases, a man can be convicted with zero evidence.

    7) Men are less likely to win custody than a woman.

    8) As far as pregnancy goes, a woman can choose when to be a parent and a father cannot.

    9) Men are expected to be the strongest and be chivalrous and cater to women; this means that if a man hits a woman, he is a coward (rightfully so), if a woman hits a man and he does not hit her, he is a coward for not fighting back, if a woman hits a man and he hits back, he is a coward for hitting a woman and if a woman hits a man and he walks away, he is a coward for either being a pacifist or, if they are in a relationship, he is a coward for leaving his girlfriend/wife.

    10) Men have the highest suicide rate (which has to be for a reason), but nobody cares.

    11) Men are treated like a criminal, before the accuser even speaks to him.

    12) Women can say that a man is sexually harassing him as long as he makes her "uncomfortable" (At a sexual assault presentation in college, the women presenting were talking about how they are "survivors of sexual assault" BUT then they said that it is only "a woman's" truth and that sexual assault is anything that makes women feel "uncomfortable." Therefore, a woman can call herself a survivor of sexual assault, because a guy looked at her.

    13) If a man is sexually assaulted, people (women and men, alike) tell them that they should man up and be happy that somebody wants him (This is seen on various social experiments) 

    14) Men are much less likely to report being assaulted by a woman and sometimes when he does, the officers arrest him instead of the woman who attacked him.

    15) The entire society backs up women due to "Me Too" and feminism, but do not care about what happens to men (I heard of a man being sexually assaulted and attending a support program for sexual assault victims, and when he told his story, a "woman" slapped him, because he was a man).

    16) Though men are not as likely to be drugged and raped according to what has currently been reported, they are more likely to be drugged and and have their money/credit card stolen.

    17) A man can be forced to pay child support, but not even be eligible to see/visit the child he is paying for no matter how much he wants to.

    18) Male prostitutes are seen as predators, female prostitutes are seen as victim (Now by California law).

    19) Women can scold men for their (sexual, physical, social, etc.) behavior and men cannot. For example, men cannot promote exhibitionism in public (rightfully so), however in certain places (mainly the liberal big cities), women can show her boobs in public as it is "her body, her choice" (Some of those pictures at the women's rally scarred me for life).

    20) Women can wave men off and state that his opinion is not important and belittle him by saying that it is "not a man's issue."

    21) In situations of statutory rape, if a man does this to a 17 year old who consented, it is a much bigger deal and if a woman does this to a 17 year old who consented, it does not matter as much because "He wants it, too." And as for the 14-17 year olds who do not want it, they are told to "Man up."

    And many more...

    Though, most importantly, women tend to be put onto a pedestal by the law and the majority of the public. Women will constantly tell people that they should rule the world, and they only care about women (and men) when it is to their benefit. They micromanage women to be "strong, independent women" and talk down on more traditional or quiet women amd say that they are weak, submissive and prisoners of men, even though telling women what to be is actually against feminism. Women also say that men constantly talk down on women by calling them b!tches, wh0res, $luts, etc. when in reality, women call each other that more than men do. Also, some feminists tend to protest about how the world sees them as the "weaker sex," however, because of this, they have many privileges in the courtroom that they use to their advantage. They pretend that they are stronger than men, until they need to use "being a woman" to their advantage.

    Source(s): Egalitarian Female.
  • 10 months ago

    Men who are sensitive, non-assertive and easily dominated by domineering females due to being brought by abusive feminist-leaning mothers, sisters , etc. along with ‘weak’ fathers often suffer from being labeled weak, effeminate, ‘gay’, etc.,  and are often seen as easy, submissive prey for domineering, predatory women later on in their adult relationships. Is this a “systematic disadvantage”? Hard to say. But it’s certainly a disadvantage to men who fall into this particular category. And arguably, as feminism in this country gains even more traction than it already has .. the number of men in this arguably ‘disadvantaged’ category will increase dramatically 

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  • 10 months ago

    Some examples of how males are systematically disadvantaged in the U.S.:

    Education disadvantages body and focuses on girls due to the Women's Educational Equity Act.  There are many women only scholarships, few men only scholarships.

    Male owned small businesses are disadvantaged under the women owned small business advantage program.

    Women are advantaged in job hiring under affirmative action.

    Males are discriminated against in college kangaroo courts under Title IX.

    Male victims of domestic violence are denied access to most DV shelters and often laughed at if the call a help line.  They are also assumed to be the perpetrators of domestic violence despite the fact women initiate at least as much domestic violence as men do.  This under VAWA.

    We have numerous government agencies set up specifically to look after women's but not men's thereby disadvantaging men.  The Council for Women and Girls and the Bureau of Women's Health for example.

    Obamacare mandates many women only health benefits, but no male only health benefits.   It also requires males subsidize women's healthcare. 

    Despite a judge ruling it unconstitutional, only men must register with selective service.  

    Many states still favor women in child custody.  The feminist organization NOW has actively opposed and equal presumption of joint custody.

    Note all of the things I've listed with the exception of selective service, are a direct result feminist lobbying efforts to gain policies favorable to females.  

  • 10 months ago

    No welfare for men.

    No section 8 housing

    No child custody.

    Pay allimony.

    Pay child support.

    No goverment programs to help men.

  • 10 months ago

    "how are men systematically disadvantaged...?"

    Systematically, meaning legally disadvantage and enforced by the state; as an entire group men are disadvantaged in several ways specifically, only because they are men:

    -all adult men, and only men are still beholden to the Selective Service obligation from age 18

    -men suffer the consequences of state sanctioned, legal discrimination via affirmative action, just because they are men.

    -The white house has created a special council for women and girls, while the same for boys was blocked

    -The VAWA (violence against women act) has wording specific to women that has been used to discriminate against men receiving assistance and aid under that program

    -Title IX legislation as enacted has discriminated against men in many ways

    -there are grants and federal and state programs available for businesses owned by women that are denied to men

    -there are many taxpayer funded programs available to women only that are denied to men 

    There are more, of course. And if we were to move away from he legal vein, and get into the social disadvantages for men, then the list would never end. 


  • 10 months ago

    Getting kicked in the crotch and emotional intelligence

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Systematically.... nobody fends for men in our courts like they do with women and children. I mean one could argue that it's statutory law set by precedent now. Law enforcement takes no pity on them. A jury of their peers, which is assumed never to be wrong in US law, obviously carries prejudices and bias against men in many situations or at Ieast treats them far more harshly. Men just don't get any sIack, regardIess of what their situation is like. In court, if there's a mother vs father, a husband vs wife, female coworker vs male coworker, etc it will always be incredibly more difficult for a male to plead his case against domestic violence, sexuaI harassment, sexuaI assauIt, etc. And at the same time too, it couId be very easy for the perpetrator to turn it around on them and act as if they are the victim and the male is the criminaI due to society's implicit bias which holds up even in courts of law.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Many lose the,selves to taddicrions like sex and drugs , more than women, many get toyed wirh by females

    Men are few and lacking these days


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