How to report an online player NBA 2K20? ?

Is there a way to report bad behavior/abuse/harassment etc. On NBA 2K20? I started playing a game with this player on PSN. I was whipping them not gonna lie, it was like 34-8 or something like that, and near the end of the 1st quarter the player just quit playing, but they didn't actually "quit" the game. They literally just stopped using their controller and did nothing.. I think they were hoping that I would get annoyed or tired and "quit" the game myself so that I would take the loss on my record and they would get a win. So I had to sit there and play the game by myself against literally zero competition for about 20 minutes until this finally popped up giving me an out. Obviously I couldn't just pause the game and quit myself or else it would have counted against my record. The only reason why this player got "too many penalties" is because they just did nothing and as a result kept getting clock violations over and over and over again, until they got idk how many and it finally gave me this. Anyway I know it was only like 20 minutes that I had to sit there and play for no reason at all, but it's just super frustrating to have to sit there because the other person doesn't want to take the L 


Similar type of situation happened again, I'm whipping this dude and he didn't want to try anymore but didn't want to quit the game so again, I spent another 25 minutes just sitting there going through the mindless motions as he was just ******* around doing dumb **** wasting both of our time, back and forth between taking constant full court shots every time he got the ball to just purposely constantly running out of bounds.. etc. This dude's PSN account is "ojayejones_". Harassment. 

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