Beatles Lp Prices from 64' : original Capital and Vee Jay?

So A while Baclk I picked up some Lp's of the Beatles from 63'/64'

 and I was wondering if they have more value than $100 or so.

The Beatles Inroducing the Beatles on Vee Jay

Then On Capitol -

Meet The Beatles : Mono and stereo - 64'

Second Album : Mono And Stereo

Something New : Mono And Stereo

Beatles 65' : Mono

Beatles VI : Mono

Early Beatles : Stereo : 65'

Live at The Hollywood Bowl : Embossed Lp : 76' or 77'

Rock and Roll Music(US) 2 LP set - 1976 or 77"

They were Bought at A recod Store In Des moines Iowa. so you know that they were waxed and cleaned (Most Likely).

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    The VeeJay album was made in '64 in several versions. 

     The 1st was released on 10 Jan. There were 6,000 album covers printed, but no back cover was made.  As a stopgap, VeeJay used a copy of one side of its standard inner sleeve, which had colour copies of 25 other albums the company offered  This so-called "Ad back" cover is highly sought by collectors, & would have the greatest value.  

      When these were used up, a 2nd blank, all-white "Blank back" cover was issued.  It's also quite rare & highly valued.  

      A 3rd edition was made with VeeJay's usual format, the album name on top, & the track listings in 2 columns below.  

      On 16 Jan., VeeJay was ordered to stop producing recordings of the songs "Love Me Do" & "P.S., I Love You," for which N. American publishing rights were owned by the publishing subsidiary of Capitol Records, because those songs hadn't yet been released in the U.S.  About 80,000 copies were released with those tracks but only about 2,000 were stereo.  

      VeeJay re-configured the album, deleting those tracks & replacing them with "Ask Me Why" & "Please Please Me."  These albums 1st appeared around 10 Feb. '64.    VeeJay & Capitol bickered in court over the album until 9 Apr., with VeeJay turning out records between restraining orders.  As a result, there are more than 20 label variations, manufactured at different pressing plants.  

      The license to create the album expired on 15 Oct. '64.  While it was available, there were about 1.3 million monaural & 41,000 stereo copies sold.  

      I had an "Ask Me Why" mono copy that I bought in Chicago in 1964 on Memorial Day weekend.  In 1967, I gave it to my 1st gf, to try to wean her off The Monkees.  She was too dippy to get the message, so I called it quits with her.  Her younger sister was hotter, & much more "pneumatic" anyway.  


  • Emdog
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    I had that Vee Jay that had fold out 3/4 width front. Here's one you might look for... I had a Capitol album that had Beach Boys on one side and Beatles on the other... never seen that listed anywhere, but then again haven't looked too hard....

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    Possible, but there are too many variables and not enough info. Try here ...

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    9 months ago

    That's a lot of asking and I'm not really expert.  I found this one in a search, though:

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    9 months ago

    They are not rare, and rarity is what determines value. If diamonds are as common as sand for example, then it would be about as valuable as sand.

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