Am I overreacting?

I've been working for a park for 7 months gleaning the bathrooms, and emptying the trash cans. There is me, and another part time worker. He works 3 days a week, 2 8 hour days and one 4 hour day. I work 4, 4 hour days, and 8 hours on Friday. Anyway, he works 4 hours on fridays, and lately they've had him empty all the trashes, and had me just focuse on bathrooms. One one my other co workers told me they have him empty trahes, so that he has something to do, but I'm worried they are having him empty trashes, because I'm not doing a good job on bathrooms and they want me to spend more time on them. My bosses havnt told me I'm doing a bad job or anything, and my supervisor told me if I'm not doing a good job than they would let me know. They are still really nice to me, but I'm afraid they arent showing it.

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