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Best option for frenulum breve?

I'm 16 and i think i have frenulum breve. When flaccid, i can pull my foreskin down past my head just fine, but the head sort of bends down at a 90 degree angle like the frenulum is pulling it down. When erect, i can naturally get my foreskin around halfway down the head before it begins to feel tight and i can't pull further without manual stretching. Even so, masturbation is impossible for me when my foreskin goes past the head, and it gets caught under the head too (But i am able to get it back to normal so it's not an emergency). I've tried stretching for a while but not really any use. Question is, do i have phimosis? paraphimosis? frenulum breve? all 3? something else? If the answer is frenulum breve, i may consider a frenuloplasty, but i'm not sure whether to have one now/next time i have a break from college, or wait until i'm 18.

Getting it now:

-Parents have to know so it will be really awkward having to tell them

-Could be free under NHS but unsure as i haven't checked whether they do it or not

-Sex/Masturbation is much more viable sooner rather than later

-May not be necessary as i'm not in any relationships right now and doesn't look that way for a while

-May interrupt A Levels (Probably Not)

Getting it age 18:

-Parents don't have to know so it saves the awkwardness

-Will definitely have to pay

-Only have to wait around 1 1/2 years without sex/girls

-If i WERE to have sex it'd be embarassing/painful/impossible

Just wondering which is the best option.

Thanks :)

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