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Can you imagine Republicans from Watergate era being in Congress now judging Trump? lol?

How many think they would have been told Trump he had to go and not to let the door hit his behind?

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    Party is everything today with Republicans.  They call themselves 'patriots' but they put party above country.  It wasn't like that in Nixon's day.  When Republicans in the Senate saw the evidence against Nixon, they realized that if they continued to cover up for him they'd lose their own seats, so they turned on  him and threw him under the bus (we didn't use that expression in those days).

    Trump is betting that this won't happen with him.  And it probably won't!  The Republicans in the Senate have complete control over the trial!  They can decide how long it will last, who gets to speak, when votes are held, etc.  A few Senate Repubs have used this as an excuse not to talk about Trump ("I can't discuss this issue!  I'm on the jury!)  But a few have also said right out loud that there's no way they're going to vote against Trump, no matter what evidence comes out, no matter what he did.  So long as 90% of Republican voters still say they support Trump there's no downside to simply refusing to convict him.

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    NEWS FLASH!! Trump hasn't done anything to justify impeachment!!!!!!

  • Mandy
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    10 months ago

    Just about everyone of them would have.  But, they were grown men.  Whether if you agreed with them politically or not.  Now, the Senate and some of Congress, is filled with Republican boys.

  • Diana
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    10 months ago

    We'll never know if the 70's GOP would've actually impeached Nixon, because of his resignation.  Besides, I was too young back then to know anything about them.  

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  • 10 months ago

    watergate was set up to frame the great nixon

  • 10 months ago

    Trump actually said that Nixon got a bum deal. It's baffling.

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