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Is a trained dog for PTSD victims considered a service dog?

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    My husband suffers from PTSD.  He has a certified service dog provided through the VA by a group called "Service Dogs for Veterans."

    The dog goes everywhere he goes and wears a service vest.

    Google answers this question, by the way.  Google says yes.

    Bracing my self - apparently if anyone disagrees with 9fingers they pay the price.

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    Yes, with professional specialized training. Talk with your Psychiatrist about your needs. Only through a Psychiatrist can you get the letter prescribing a service dog for you. Psychiatrist will tell the trainers what your needs are & a dog will be trained to suit those needs.

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    Trained by an approved ADA training facility, yes,,otherwise, no.

    They don't grant service animals just for PTSD, there is nothing the dog can do to assist. A companion animal will fill that spot.

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    NO. It's an Emotional Support Dog and does NOT have Service Dog access rights. Even the Veteran's Administration doesn't provide dogs for PTSD.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    If they're working dogs, then yes. Any dog who helps people who have long term problems - including anxiety disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder - would class as a service dog.

  • Ocimom
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    2 weeks ago

    Yes they are more then ESA's and I do believe they are considered to be a service dog.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Yes they are and idiots shouldn’t go pet them in public distracting the dog causing the owner to have a attack

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Yes. Me basset hound puppy is trained to help people suffering from PTSD. 

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      Give the brain back to the rocking horse me little pleb!

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    This is actually a very interesting question because there are people that have service dogs for seizures caused by a PTSD attack. These service dogs are technically seizure alert dogs but they could possibly be considered there for their owner's PTSD. So technically, PTSD victims could have service dogs but their PTSD is not specifically what the dog is there for. 

    • Let me rephrase that last statement. Service dogs can not do anything about the PTSD itself, but they do alert and tend to problems caused by the PTSD. A PTSD induced seizure was just my example of an issue, not an exclusive reason for a PTSD victim to have a service dog.

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    In most places, you do have to get them registered, but it isn't too expensive. My brother has a trained service dog for his PTSD and the pup helps him so much. I HIGHLY suggest getting your dog registered. And make sure that if you're in public they wear the vest. 

    Source(s): Service dog experience
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