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What was the Dreyfus affair?

Maybe on Yahoo Answers there are also some French, not just Americans, who think that because Yahoo is an American company, the whole Yahoo Answers belong to Americans :-)

Although when the question is about the wategate scandal, it is very good,

Okay, jokes aside :-)

I am just a Pole, I also have Asperger Syndrome, this ailment manifests itself in various obsessions on various topics, I'm interested in history, computers and astronautics.

I remember when I was still at school and learning Polish, although the subject was my native language, we learned literary works from around the world, from Homer to Hemignway you could say :-)

I remember when we were had block devoted to French literature, of course learned in Polish. I also remember the thread devoted to Victor Hugu, I was never in my life more bored than durng reading and analyzing "Les Misérables" :-) but there was also a topic about Emil Zola, that he was a writer and one of the first real investigative journalists who wrote a report about Alfred Drefus falsely accused of treason, apparently people was also averse to him because he was a Jew, so the thesis about his alleged betrayal was easily accepted, because the French were at that time quite prejudiced against them, and the fact that a Jew could be an officer in the French army was perceived as an insult by some others.

Now when I watch videos on YouTube, I get advertisements about the Drefus scandal which is to have its premiere in December?


What exactly was all this scandal about?

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    You actually seem to have a pretty good idea of what the Dreyfus Affair was all about. So don't doubt yourself :-)

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