Why do people like Jeremy Corbyn?

Now I'm as working class as they come but I'm not a fool into believing that Labour still represent my class because they haven't since the 1900's.

.Corbyn is known to have a dislike of Jews which has been proven even on question time tonight and yet the man is supposed to hate Racism.

. He claims to believe in equality yet so many female Mps has felt discriminated against within the party 

.He stood with the IRA during the troubles which is FACT and even one of the IRA members said he had nothing to do with the good Friday agreement which he uses as his excuse

. He refused to sing the national anthem which is a disgrace and he was forced to wear a poppy

. He wants to get rid of the British Army and give it less funding which is dangerous when our country has so many enemies

. He makes all these promises which are a complete lie to get into power like free WiFi for all and all that mumbo jumbo 

What really baffles me is students are brainwashed in university's to believe that this man is some sort of messiah 🤦‍♂️

I understood why people liked Tony Blair at the start because he made Labour attractive and his first term in power really gave Britian something. . . That was before the war obviously because then Labour done what it does best and completely screw up our country.

I just want to understand what people find about Corbyn so appealing because all I see is a anti British communist Nazi.

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  • 8 months ago

    Oh Dear! Many of your arguments are seriously flawed (like some of your grammar). Communism and Nazism are opposites, for example. And who on earth told you that he was "forced" to wear a poppy?!

    Have you been reading the Daily Mail?!

    You can hardly expect to be taken seriously.

    Have you been reading the Daily Mail?!

    • Royalist18758 months agoReport

      No I'm not a fan of many papers to be honest, as I like both sides of the argument.
      He only started wearing a poppy because he knew it upset people, the same goes for him now singing the national anthem. Your welcome to correct my grammar and explain where my arguments are flawed. . .

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