what is the value of 6 volumes of the new caxton encyclopedia first published in 1969?

unfortunately i lost the rest of volumes through the passage of time, they were given to me by my grandfather on my fathers side who was from spain, i'm british born here in chester in 1977...these new caxton encyclopedias were given to me in the mid 80's sometime when my grandfather was over in england visiting..

i realize that i don't have all the volumes of the encyclopedias, but i just want to gather what the value of the 6  new caxton encyclopedias ive managed to keep hold of would be?

they are all in very good condition, apart  from volume 1 and 5 having a a bit of torn outer cover of the encyclopedias.

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  • 9 months ago
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    You'll probably be lucky to find someone to take them off your hands for nothing. Charity shops don't even want old encyclopedias these days. If you have any used book sellers in your area, try one of those but don't be surprised if they just aren't wanted.

    abebooks uk, which is a major worldwide seller of used or old books, lists a 1967 complete set of 20 in good or better condition, for $53 in US dollars, about 41 pounds.

  • 9 months ago

    It's an outdated, incomplete set of encyclopedias. I doubt that anyone would take them even if you could give them away. Check with a book dealer.

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