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Did i get a virus in my computer?

okay so for the past week i have been using pirated streaming sites to watch movies and tv shows that arent on netflix

and my computer has been acting weird ever since, 

for example: 

 often times i can move the cursor but i cant actually click on anything and i have to restart my computer

sometimes when i right click the mini menu flashes, and again i have to restart my computer

i have to click things various times for them to open and they open like 3 times

what is happening with my computer? nothing has been downloaded or installed without my permission so


-so i have no idea how anything could have gotten into my computer but it never acted this way before 

(i accidentally hit enter before i finished the question sorry)

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    It is possible that you got infected with malware. (Viruses don't really exist anymore). Malware can be installed in two ways. One is by the computer user installing the malware, the other is malware on a website or ad exploits a vulnerability in your browser or system. You said you didn't install any programs, so it's not likely the culprit. That leaves exploits. All software can have vulnerabilities. If your browser has an unpatched RCE vulnerability, simply seeing an ad or website can trigger the exploit. While this is possible, it may or may not be the cause of your problems. The first thing I would do is to open Resource Monitor and look in the network tab. If any processes are using the internet, it will show here. Look up the processes and ip addresses. Google will most likely know Microsoft ip addresses and maybe others. If something seems suspicious, then get Malwarebytes and update it. Then turn off the internet and run a threat scan. If something is found, run a full scan.

    If everything is fine and not suspicious, then it could be something else like a failing hard drive. If you need help, I'd advise to take it to a computer shop. 

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    There is malware out in the "wild" meaning it is online somewhere.   It decomissions your browser from working correctly.  The only fix is a complete shut down, grab a coffee and then boot it up again.  That is the hassle.   Shutting down the computer by pressing the off button is the only way (and sometimes it takes 3 tries before it boots correctly)

    It is not a virus, it is other malware and Antivirus programs only see Viruses.

     You just visited the wrong page....that had this stuff and wham bam, thank you ma'am

    It is in.  No, porn sites are relatively clean.  They have ad cookies that monitor your every move.

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    You can run an antivirus program and see if it can be detected. 

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    it's a common misconception. you cannot actually get viruses from movies.

    you can from pirating programs and games, but not movies.

    you may either have a filled up C: drive (you NEED free space of at least 1GB), or your hard drive may need to have chkdsk run on it with recovery.

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    Yepper,you got a virus. Scan with your AV and clean your hard drive with the free version of Wise Care 365. Also get the free version of SUPERAnti-spyware and run a complete scan for malware.

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    You may have malware.

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    nothing has been downloaded or installed..." lol !

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