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I've binged 5 times in the past week, including tonight. What will happen if I begin a 3 day fast tomorrow after multiple binge episodes?

I've been researching the benefits of a 72 hour fast and I want to do it. I'm extra motivated now because I got my period this week and I've been binging so bad. Yesterday I had 5600 calories and today I lost track after 6500 :( I normally eat 1800-2000 because I'm active. I want to start my fast tomorrow..well technically now but tomorrow will be day 1. In my research, it seems like people really prep for fasts and have a normal meal before they begin the fast, but I've binged on 4 burritos from Taco Bell, 6 Fiber One granola bars, 3/4 cup honey roasted peanuts, 5 chocolates, a bowl of pomegranate seeds, a maple doughnut, and a blueberry muffin plus 2 cups of coffee. OMG. Will fasting for 3 days help me? I've gained 5.5 pounds this week :(

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