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Is it possible to find a man to marry you if you are disabled and cannot work?

I am middle aged and decent looking still with a decent figure but disabled and need an operation bc I cannot work and I'm in bad pain all of the time. My husband knows I need an operation bc my spine is pressing on my leg lung and I finally found a competent surgeon to operate and we have blue cross blue shield. I am in so much pain I am mostly bedridden now and it hurts to even walk to the bathroom. I am bright, and have a lot to give if this operation is a success. My husband will not work more than part time so we do not qualify for blue cross blueshield due to having low income and I am hurt beyond words and thinking of leaving him. He had a full time job making good money and quit his job and went to work part time for 3 months and and then got fired and I need that operation. I would even leave him to get it bc without it I may not have a lot longer to live and I have no quality of life. I thought about trying to find a retired older man with money bc my husband has become lazy and I had a good job bf my back became so bad I could not work and I don't want a Medicaid doctor to operate on me bc I have already had 4 operations and they messed my back up real bad. I am not a troll. 



I meant pressing on a lung, not leg.

Update 2:

This is not the same question. It is similar but not the same at all. 

Update 3:

I know it is not likely to occur but is there a chance at all?

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    Nope, not going to happen

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    How can have and also don't have this insurance and w do you keep asking this?

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