T (°C) - Pvap (mmHg) 0.0-16.5 15.0-32.1 25.0-48.2 40.0-84.4 60.0-164.7 80.0-298.0 Calculate DeltaH°vap and its normal boiling point?


Can someone work this question or give an example, I am really having difficulty here

1 Answer

  • 2 weeks ago

    If you plot ln P as a function of 1/T (in Kelvin), you should obtain a straight line. The slope of that line is equal to -(ΔHvap/R). Once you have the value of ΔHvap, you can use the Calusius-Clapeyron equation as in one of your other questions to calculate the normal boiling point (temperature at which P = 760 mm Hg)

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