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Can a community college detect fake highschool transcripts?

I have a very unique situation I’m well into my 30s and decided to turn my hobby into a career . I do need to take a few specialty classes. I am new to this state one year living financial aid did ask for proof of my high school transcript which shocked me at my age. Of course I did graduate high school. However the high school I graduated from says I have to pick it up in person I live in different state.  I can’t afford to take off work or buy plane ticket just for this. I did buy a high school transcript off line very similar to my unofficial transcript. My question is will this get through financial aid at a community college? It looks legit I’ve never done anything like this . I just desperately want to get back into school. Also the college I’m going to said they couldn’t pull the transcript up online and I had to get it myself. What do they look for will this transcript past?

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    They don't usually bother checking these days because most colleges use a service like Parchment that transfers transcripts electronically.  When they get it directly from the high school, they presume it to be valid.  And for CCs, they just need proof of completion.  They don't focus on your grades.

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    Yes, they can. Shy can't your high school snail mail your transcripts to you or directly to the college. Tell them you will pay them for the postage.

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    Lying to FAFSA  is gonna cost you jail and fines. Don't submit a fake transcript. You need to ask your High School to snail mail your transcript or fax it to the college. Or ask the college to contact and request, vice verse. Transcripts are dealt with the schools not you as a (future) student. 

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    The community college is still going to want a sealed, registered copy of your transcripts, not something you printed off the internet.

    Ask your high school whether you can have a representative pick up the sealed copy of your transcripts for you. Perhaps you can hire a courier service to pick it up, sign for it, and then transfer it to you through public mail.

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    Sounds like both a shady high school and a shady college. Usually the college is supposed to contact the high school and ask them for the transcript otherwise anyone can fake a transcript. Sounds like a non accredited college who will easily accept you with a fake transcript cause they want ur money., so go for it.

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    You can't forge your transcript. Your high school has the records.

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