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Which countries would definitely collapse if the USA collapsed?

Whether it be natural deserter,  civil unrest,  or economic meltdown,  who else would go down in the chain reaction?

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  • shroud
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    9 months ago

    first would be the countries we have as territories like Porto Rico, then small countries that we we support, some with over half their yearly spending, the larger and stronger countries will have problems but will get over it Russia, china, will try to stabilize their areas first then spread out - but will take time

    the US could make a comeback before that

    the EU would also try but I think that's when we find out both how weak they are and how much they will act as a omnipotent government 

  • 9 months ago

    I don't think any would collapse.  But with the world's policeman gone, lots would re-arm.  And maybe seek alliances.  The countries of Europe would again start to fear one another.  And especially fear the Russians.  Japan & Taiwan would re-arm against China.  Hong Kong would be overrun by the Chi-coms.  

    Probably lots of other ramifications.  But these come to mind.  

  • 9 months ago

    I think that just about every country would suffer,  there may be a select few that would randomly improve from  the situation. However,  which ones would all out collapse?  The countries that would take the biggest hits are the ones which neighbor the USA. Canada,  and Mexico.  Canada actually makes regulations in the trucking industry sho that their truckers can pull more freight originating from the USA,  than US drivers could pull originating from Canada, and this is just a truck drivers perspective.  I'm sure there are many industries where Canada tries to get money in from the US infrastructure. 

    After our neighbors,  it would devastate all of the countries that were practicing capitalism before that point.  Pretty much,  anyone whose very survival,  and civil order depended heavily on the movement of massive industry,  and large corporations. Capitalism will die with such a collapse,  and probably will not be reinstalled anywhere for 1,000s of years. The USA has been the front runner for all of the capitalist ideologies.  Hey,  I like capitalism too, but I also believe that it could only work if the most successful people actually cared about others as much as themselves.  Doesn't happen... Money creates a huge imbalance in well,  almost everything...  It also makes it hard for people to understand what's actually causing our greatest struggles.  Most European nations would go down,  it would actual be nearly the end of the white race (and I'm white,  I'm just an honest one without self pride). 

    Countries that still have infrastructure to move supplies the old fashioned way will do best.  China still has men pushing freight on wheels carts by foot.  Just that one tiny little element will really save a lot of people if petroleum suddenly became unavailable. The USA does still have their amish folks,  so people could potential reach out to them for things such as horses, and buggys while putting forth a lot of effort to build more of that type of infrastructure.  The problem is,  Americans hate each other with smiles. We seem really nice at work,  where we spend the better part of our  lives, but then many take sides and become war mongers on their free time.  Cons vs dems. Blacks vs white. Feminist vs men. Atheist vs Christian's. Science vs religion. Most Americans have an ideal of how much better America would be without a certain group if people in this country.  The amish won't be able to help us from killing each other.  If it truly collapses,  I believe it's going to come down to va 20 sided civil war.  Many groups bent on getting rid of another group.  There's no shortage of weapons here,  and the shortage of  supplies will cause over half of the country to arm themselves.  Will other capitalist countries get to that level of collapse? I don't know,  I haven't been able to visit them.  However,  I'm fairly certain that the USA will go from appearing like the coolest most popular kid at school,  to looking like the kid who came to school with a bunch of guns, killing everybody aimlessly. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Pretty much every country in industrial world .

    The US economy is the driving force in the world economy. 

        Canada and Mexico would be hit the hardest since most of their trade is with the US .

          With US debt out of control that day is getting closer 

        Get ready for another Great Depression.  

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  • Oiy
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    9 months ago

    Columbia, Jamaica, Haiti.

  • 9 months ago

    My guess is Russia would grab a bunch of the eastern European nations again. The three Baltic states for sure.

    China would take Taiwan and do what it wants in the South China Sea. The Muslims would go on another jihad.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    eat my swamp as­s

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