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if you've visited both canada and usa what are some ways canada is different from usa?

other than healthcare ! please

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    The States have a lot more people - roughly 10 times what Canada has.  So, the "spaces" between towns are often filled, whereas in Canada, it is more often just empty land.  Americans are much less travelled than Canadians, and also know less about the wider world.  They are pleasant people, even friendlier than Canadians, and, they are not stupid, but, they are often ignorant, especially about the wider world. 

    The States as FAR more military.  There are armouries, or bases all over the place, whereas they are far less common in Canada.  The road signs are a bit different, and of course the architecture changes once you cross the border, although not by all that much.  The differences in this, and many other things are often very subtle.  You know it is different, but, sometimes it is more difficult to see exactly why.

    Canada's middle class is much stronger than is found in the USA, where people tend to be richer, or poorer, with only a smaller group in the middle.

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    I've only been to Oregon and Washington state in the USA and BC and Alberta in Canada, so not much difference there.

  • Not much difference. There some communcation or social difference in some ways but not much. 

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    Yes, it's looks very unique there.

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    You are correct the USA is not rationing medical care.  That is why Canadians who need medical treatment and are told the wait in Canada is a year or longer are traveling to the USA for medical treatment.

    Canada has far fewer minorities so the crime rate is far lower. For example, Black and Hispanic males between the ages of 15 and 30 - who total to about 7% of the USA's population - are responsible for more than 75% of the murders and shootings in the USA each year.  Canada has hardly any Blacks or Hispanics. 

    I have only been to western Canada, but Calgary could be a city in Colorado except for the money, the use of the metric system, and some commercial product names being different.  

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    Someone once described Toronto as New York without the dirt or the crime. Canada has a much lower crime rate- because of a more even standard of living and gun control. 

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    Canadians have no choice but to endure harsh winters.  US citizens can move south.  Canada finds the USA extremely profitable.  

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    the amount of hosers who yell "give yer nuts a tug eh"

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    Seeing how many Canadians ride polar bears around town. I expected them to only ride moose or elk. 

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    Canada has funny looking money with the queen of England on it

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