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Is Wexit (Western Canada leaving the Canada and forming own nation) something to be taken seriously?

How likely is Alberta, and other Western Canadian provinces to leave Canada?

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  • 10 months ago

    Not likely at all, so no it's not taken very seriously.

    And just for the record, it's not other western Canadian provinces.  It's just Alberta.  Albertans want special recognition because they live on land with oil under it, so I guess congratulations on all their hard work.  It must be tough to live such a hard life.

  • 10 months ago

    Not likely---they know that by leaving they will suffer--As a Country there are a lot of details & they don't have access to oceans -think how difficult it would be to transport their oil & gas through another country to sell to world markests- Importing & Exporting Everything- they need or want-

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Yes. F*ck those frogs and Celts out East!

    Source(s): Western Canuck
  • 10 months ago

    Almost 0 chance it happens

    For Alberta to become it's own province, would require the rest of provinces to agree to it, and then for royal assent to happen (uk government would have to sign off on it). For starters, Nova Scotia would NEVER agree to it, because they make a shitload of money off Alberta, many of NS's go to work in the oil fields during the off-fishing season, to make an income.

    Look at Quebec, they have been trying to seperate on/off since the 1980's from Canada, they are no closer now, then they were 30-40 years ago. I highly doubt Alberta gets a different outcome.

    What I can see happening, is a new political party forming, one that represents Alberta's interests, similar to that of the Quebec Bloc. I could maybe see that happening within the next 5 years, but that's best case scenerio.

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  • JuanB
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    10 months ago

    Since when did any complaining on Facebook result in serious action like separation?  If Quebec hasn't done it, Alberta sure wont.

    Keep in mind you are talking Alberta and Saskatchewan being so Right wing and complaining about Centralist Federal Government.  Well the WHOLE BC Coast voted Leftist.  And last time I checked a good 90% of the BC population is on the coast.  So a Wexit would not have a port, they would not have any more pipelines.

    Your average British Columbian has seen the forestry industry go from extraordinary to bust and received little help.  They have seen the fishing industry do the same with little help.  And now they see Alberta crying over a little down turn in the oil industry. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Unlikely since most of the people I know consider the idea to be rather lacking in intelligence.  Ironically the complaints coming (mostly) from Alberta remind at least some of us in the west of Quebec hard core separatists who always complain that they are not getting enough and giving up too much.  I have to wonder of one of the people behind the so called WEXIT is originally from Quebec.

    The facts are that Alberta did not jump in to assist other provinces when they lost significant numbers of jobs due to issues with their main industries from cod fishing to manufacturing to forestry.  Second it was not the federal government that put a halt to the pipeline but the courts and third, it is the provinces (through their governments) themselves including BC that are protesting the pipeline construction.

  • John
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    10 months ago

    Naionalists have gotten up on their haunches and barked really, really loudly about how they aren't happy. The world realizes that they aren't unhappy about anything in particular - not that has a real solution to it - they are just cranky people. This being all over the world. Sanity is slowly but surely taking over again, though.Canada isn't going to split, Northern California isn't going to become it's own state, and Spain Separatists are in jail now.  Rhetoric and idealism are all well and good, but those people never seem to realize that the garbage needs to be picked up, regulations need to be regulated, the hungry need to be fed.  And that takes a real plan, not florid speeches. California separatists are pretty much the trailer park population of the north, that's all.

  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    it might be to some people

  • 10 months ago

    Well.... let's compare.  Separatist thinking in Quebec sits at about 25% of the population, which generates a huge fuss.  BC is at about 10% (perhaps more now), and people barely notice.

    People are starting to notice.  Even defining a new word:  "Wexit."  However, the Western provinces do not get along together all that well.  To Easterners, they might all be "the West," but, they are actually separate, and very different places.  Acting together would be tough for them, even against Eastern Canada.

  • sam
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    10 months ago

    Sure.. just look how brexit is working out..

    just a few very loud red necks, helped by the media. There is no way it will happen.

    Most Albertans are not happy but will find other ways to get heard. If anybody has a complaint against confederation, it is the maritimes. They lost big time to central Canada.

    One of separatists major myths is transfer payments. This is plain greed. The main reason there is a transfer of Federal taxes paid in Alberta to other provinces is because of the high average income of Alberta. The formula for transfers was approved by the same national government the current populist provincial premier of Alberta was part of.

    BTW, Alberta is the only province to be have been in technical bankcrupcy- they got their share of federal money when they needed it.

    Having more pipelines is not going to solve Alberta's problem as is getting more dependent on oil.

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