How much and what should I pack for my trip to Europe?

I'm going to Europe this summer, from May 11 - June 26 and visiting Oxford and London, England, and then traveling around Italy for the rest of June. I've never been to Europe so I don't know what the weather is like around that time of year! If this (for some reason) helps, I'm a female college student.

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  • Ludwig
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    8 months ago

    There is no way of knowing what the weather in Britain will be like next May or June. Britain has weather that is controlled by three different meteorological systems, the Arctic, Continental and Atlantic/Gulf Stream. We have been known to have both drought with a heatwave and snow during those months in recent years. A few thin layers and a light portable rainproof with a hood would be all you really need to take with you. Things you can carry in a bag or a backpack.

  • 8 months ago

    Most of Europe is cooler during the summer than most of the USA.  That certainly includes the UK, where rain is also probable.  However, it is unlikely to actually be very cold except in the mountains.

    Take a water resistant jacket with a hood. It can be a shell or lightly lined, but the water resistant part is important so try to get one in a fabric like Goretex.  

    Also take two sweaters (one light, one heavier), a knit hat, a scarf, and light gloves. Take a folding umbrella. You need to carry the jacket, one of the sweaters, and the other items with you aboard the flight (not in your checked luggage).

    Having sturdy, water resistant shoes is important. If they need to be "broken in" then do that before you leave home. Few things are worse than wearing not-broken-in shoes when you are on  trip.  

    The weather can also be bright and sunny so take sunglasses and a hat.  Take a mix of other clothes so you can layer. 

  • 8 months ago

    You can easily check what the usual weather is in any part of the world by using the internet, and googling such things as 'weather london may' or 'weather rome june'. I'd say you could encounter anything from cool and rainy to hot and sunny. So pack things you can layer to allow for both hot and cool weather, a light waterproof coat and shoes that won't leave your feet soaking wet if you have to be outside for an hour.

    As to how much to pack, that depends on how often you will be able to do laundry. I think I could manage with what I can get into a carry-on as long as I didn't need dressy clothes and if I could do laundry once a week. I'd probably take, including what I wear onto the plane, one pair of shoes, one sandals, two long jeans, one or two shorts or capris or skirt, 7 each of underwear and socks, one coat, a light sweater, one or two light down or fleece vests(I wear vests a lot), maybe one summer dress, at least three long sleeve tops and three short sleeve depending what I can cram into the suitcase. Keep in mind that what you wear or carry onto the plane is not counted as luggage, so wear the bulkier clothes and carry the coat over your arm. I also put some of the smaller clothing items in my personal item.

    Make sure that everything matches, i.e. all tops go with all bottoms. Roll the clothes. They pack smaller that way.

  • ?
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    8 months ago

    England can be quite chilly and rainy in May and early June. They sometimes have heat waves, but that's unpredictable. Italy will be quite warm in June. So you'll need layers- a light jacket that you can layer over a sweater, over a top if it's cold. Some closed shoes for wet streets. A good pair of walking sandals works well in Italy because you'll do a lot of walking, and sandals transition better for evening and restaurants than sports shoes do. 

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