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Should I get the paid version of wix?

I'm creating a website to show off my photography. I'm not selling them or anything, I use the stock websites for that. It's mainly for blog purposes and to organize my work. Is the free version good enough for that or should I invest in the 22 a month? 

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    I really don't think anyone can answer that except yourself. You need to thoroughly review what the pay service offers that the free service does not. One thing the pay service should provide is a dedicated domain name which makes a much better impression than a name that has wix as part of the URL. But again, only you know if that is important to you. Will the free site provide you with enough storage? Just make a decision based on what is important and needed for you. I will make one general comment though. You rarely get something good for nothing. The free wix site MUST have compromises built in. Those compromises can drive you bonkers as time goes on.

    Another suggestion. You may want to look at the websites from Better Photo. That is where I have my site. Cost varies depending on what you need from the site. Another option is Zenfolio. Again, not free, ... but you get what you pay for.

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