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Need creative name for memorial charity?

My boyfriends little brother, Luke tragically passed away last month. He was 17. He loved animals so I’m setting up a charity fund in his honor to hopefully clear some shelters. Does anyone have any creative names for the charity? Let’s brainstorm:) thanks in advance!

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  • Marli
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    10 months ago

    Do you want Luke's name in the name of the charity? And what sorts of animals will it rescue?  I think that you ought to be straightforward, not cutsy, in advertising the shelter.  You want people to know 1) It's here. 2) It's an animal shelter, or an adoption agency, or an animal rescue place. 3) It's a professional place, not a fly-by-night amateur operation or a puppy mill or that the animals are not going to become lab testing animals.

    Luke's Ark (like Noah's Ark in the Bible, it is a rescue ship /shelter for animals.)

    Luke's Animal Adoption Agency

  • 10 months ago

    Luke's Animal Shelter Charity Fund.

    Luke's Honorary Animal Fund.

  • denise
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    10 months ago


    Lets Use Kindness Everywhere.

  • 10 months ago

    Luke's Memorial.

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