If our goal is to stop the growing Russian military threat in Europe, are we going to have to cut ties with the Kurds?

I don’t think many of you understand the situation and what’s at stake in this Kurdish/Turkey conflict. Turkey has the second most  powerful military in NATO. They act as a shield for Europe. If they leave NATO, it would be a strategic disaster as Europe may be economically strong, but militarily they are weak and can’t defend themselves. 

This issue with the Kurds and Turkey  is far more complicated then how  the major media outlets are reporting it. Turkey and the Kurds, specifically the PKG have been at war for 35 years. To the Turks, the PKG is a terrorist group who bombs and kills their civilians. The Kurds we are supporting in Syria have connections to the PKG. 

Look at it from the Turks perspective. They are already being pushed away by Europe as they wanted to become a member of the EU but has been rejected, despite a deal where they agreed to open up their boarders taking in tens of millions of Syrian refugees to take pressure of the refugee crisis in Europe...........On top of that the United States comes in and sides with their enemies, Kurds, the very people they view as terrorist. At this point Turkey has nothing to gain out of their NATO alliance and are being pushed out and closer to Russia.

I think we’re going to have to choose. Do we want to keep Turkey as a NATO member or do we want to support the Kurds and we can’t have it both ways. 

If Turkey leaves NATO, I guarantee you Russia will move to take the Baltic’s putting us in a dangerous position

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Turkish military is #4 in NATO. Turkey has a bathtub navy - they cannot project their power beyond their land borders.  If the bridges across the Bosphorus Straits are cut Turkey does not possess the heavy lift air capability (nor merchant marine tonnage) to sustain military operations on their western front.  In short, Turkey’s military is built to sit in Turkey. They are in no way relied upon to defend Europe as they do not possess the capacity to operate beyond a short, land-based supply route. 

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