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How can some girls eat like crap, never exercise, and still have nice curves?

My friend Emily and I have been similar in size since elementary school when we first met. From the time we met she’s always preferred a less active lifestyle while I’ve always been involved in some kind of sport. Now we are in high school. Throughout freshman and sophmore year she got a bubble butt that bounces perfectly when she walks and a full pair of breasts that makes every guy stare. Now we are juniors. I have 3 classes with her and it seems like she’s constantly snacking on chips or some kind of candy that she just pulls out of her backpack. I asked her if she did anything special to get such killer curves and she said that she just “loves food and eats a lot”. It literally doesn’t make any sense. How can someone who eats so much junk food and never exercise get such good curves while someone like me who watches their diet and exercises daily be flat as a board?

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    Where someone stores fat is genetic. It has nothing to do with exercise or what a person eats. She got lucky with her genetics and stores fat in the right places. 

    Are you leaner than her? If you are lean you are not going to have the extra fat anywhere on your body, including your butt and boobs. Lean people that have big butts do exercises that build up the glute muscles. Start doing some hip thrust, deadlifts, squats etc to build up a booty. You cannot build up boobs though. For that you would need to gain fat (and hope it goes where you want it) or have a boob job (when you are old enough but make sure that's what you want. Don't get surgery because your friend has big boobs). 

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    Fast metabolism 

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    Genetics and luck

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    As young children my sibling and I ate what was available just after the second world war and much was still rationed.  It was probably a healthier diet than many youngsters have these days but we were as skinny as can be and people thought that we were underfed.  Sugar was very hard to come by as were many other foods but we survived well and very few of our generation grew up to be fat.

    What your friends eat might not be as bad for them as you think but time will tell.  It's a combination of what we eat, how much we eat and how much we exercise to use up those calories.

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    I don't have a problem with this. I eat all I want and then I just get fat.

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    Don't mistake being thin for being curvy. There is a difference in being slender and being curvy

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    It's true, genetics can create extreme variations.  But, there's nothing wrong with being flat as a board. I have some hips, but otherwise am as flat as a board and as thin as weasel.  But I like it.  The curvy, feminine, voluptuous look is equally attractive...but just in a different way.  

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    Maybe it's her genetics or metabolism. But i'm here to tell you that she won't be able to eat like that for the rest of her life.

    And if all she eats is junk, she's setting herself up for diabetes 2.

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    Because she is fat. Curves are not normal. Curves are the result of fat piling up in the hip and butt regions. Same goes for large breasts. Fat, fat, and more fat.

    Your stomach is flat because you eat healthy and are physically active. Take my advice and get a six pack if you haven't developed it yet. Much more attractive on a lady than curves are. A toned and firm butt is also more cute than one that likely weighs 20lbs and bounces. Breasts? I don't find any size larger than the B range to be attractive. If they're D, the female body no longer looks natural. It looks out of proportion to me and is repulsive. Flat chest over a double-cantaloupe-chest any day. 

    Quit comparing yourself to your friend. If she ever puts you down for not looking like her, just say what I did and tell her her curves are comprised of fat and she likely has stretch marks. 

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    Because they are still young. If you could see them 20 years in the future, they won't look all that attractive unless they change their bad habits. The worst things that people do to themselves and the hardest to counteract are those things that have a cumulative effect on us. By the time you realize you have a problem, the behavior that caused it is so ingrained in a person it is extremely difficult to change.

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