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What is the risk of homemade soaps with essential oils to dogs?

I was thinking about making soap as a Christmas present for some people but am worried if I use peppermint oil or oils like it if could harm their dogs. The soap isn't for use for the dogs and wouldn't be kept where they can get it. Is it only a risk of they come in direct contact with the soap?

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    You should be sure that the oils you use in any soaps are the type of oils that can be used on skin.  Some oils are meant for consumption only, some are for inhaling only.   Some cause skin irritations..  Some need to be paired with a carrier oil.

    Some oils are bad for dogs if inhaled..  There are some dangers of diffiser oils being used around pets.

    If you are sure you are using ones that are safe for topical use, it should be safe as long as they are not using the product on their pets

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    Some essential oils are very toxic to dogs. If you google your question, it gives you a list right off the bat, the very first site, of essential oils that are toxic to dogs.

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    BAD idea; for people or pets.  It depends on the oil & the QUALITY & TYPE of oil used.

    Peppermint oil is to be INHALED to improve some breathing difficulties.  It may be used for digestive support (but NOT normally -as an essential oil).  Peppermint (itself as a candy or supplement like IBGard) — may be taken directly for digestive support. *Some medications may adversely interact with peppermint oil (including thyroid medications used by both canines & humans) so consult a *physician* to discuss any drug interactions. ***  You do not know the first THING about what you are doing. Skin rashes, allergies, becoming sunlight sensitive  etc. may happen, if some oils are placed on the skin.  A  number of essential oils can endanger or should NOT be used during a pregnancy.  So, a whole HOST of problems could occur, when you don't know JACK about the subject and are NOT a holistic practitioner => WITH TRAINING!

    Stick to gift cards, crafts, or cookies/breads.

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    Why would the dog come in contact with it?  Most likely would be kept in the shower or bathtub area - usually not an area frequented by the family pet.  I don't think it would be a problem, and it sounds like a very nice gift.

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    8 months ago

    Who the heck would ever use peppermint soap?

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