In baseball, what does DFA stand for?

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    DFA = Designated for Assignment.

    It means that a player is removed from the team's 40 man roster, and the team then has 7 days to either trade that player or release them on waivers (which is a process where other teams have the option to claim the player).

    If the player isn't traded and clears waivers (meaning no other team takes him), then the team can either assign the player to a minor league affiliate team, or release him altogether.

    The complete description is on the MLB website here:

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    Designated for assignment. If a player is DFA, he’s removed from the teams 40 man roster. The team must either:

    Return him back to the 40 man foster within 7 days.

    Or make one of the following options:

    1. Put him on waivers in which case any team can put a claim on him. 

    2.  Trade the player. 

    3. Release the player in which case he immediately becomes a free agent. 

    4. Outright him and send him back to the minors if he clears waivers. 

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    Designated for assignment

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