What's the most you've ever paid for a night at a hotel and how much is your typical range?

3 Answers

  • MS
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I usually spend between $100-150, but I don't travel to a lot of expensive places.  The most I've spent is probably $300-350 a night.

  • Jerry
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    In the course of my romance with the man who later become my husband we took a suite (jacuzzi, private patio, private entrance, mirrors on the ceiling over the big four poster bed) at an ocean front hotel for a couple nights. About $200 a night in 2001 dollars. We've stayed in more expensive digs when my husband's employer was footing the bill. When we pay for our own, we try to get something modestly priced but not so economical as those places with no seats on the toilets, like $80-$140 depending on area, proximity to attractions, etc. We recently bought an RV for our retirement and campgrounds are usually $30-$90, again depending on area, proximity to attractions, etc. $90 a night for a camp site may sound expensive, but when hotels are $250 and up, it's a bargain. Typically we go RVing in our own state parks where we get a senior citizen discount on camping and pay $10-30 a night; this includes water, electric, use of the dump station, bathhouses with flush toilets, hot showers, and coin laundry. I don't know why you're asking, but hope this is helpful. 

  • Bob
    Lv 5
    8 months ago

    The most = $850/night

    Typical = $300/night

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